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articles made of swiss pine
The wood of the swiss pine, also called "Queen of the alps", is known for its natural and soothing fragrance - a natural wonder for sustainable products!
Wooden toys
Sky jumpers (wooden figures on a spring), push figures, puzzle games, bird whistles, little wooden worms, articles for babies...
Kitchen articles made out of olive wood
Salad servers, spoons, bowls, mortars and boards – with its characteristic grain are these articles a nice ornament for each table!
Living ambiente and gifts
Gifts, mainly from wood, for every occasion: 3D wall pictures with scenes of many trades, heart boards, key boards...
Gifts for fun and joke
For example boards with funny sayings (in german), bottle opener, caps for beer glasses and much more.
Decoration and packing
Ideas for a good presentation of gifts, food and other articles.
Salt and pepper mills
High quality salt and pepper mills from Zassenhaus and SeleXions: Produced with different kinds of wood in sophisticated design. Made with a robust and efficient grinding mechanism.
SeleXions knife blocks
The high-quality knife blocks from SeleXions are available in two versions and in the wood types olive wood, walnut, oak and beech.
Household and kitchen articles
The "1000 little things" for household and kitchen.
Christmas articles
Gifts and decorations for the christmas time.
Remaining stock and discontinued items
Discontinued items with special prices.
Cream whippers, sodasiphons, accessories, spare parts
Cream and dessert whippers, sodasiphons, chargers and spare parts.
LocknLockLock boxes and containers
LocknLock boxes features an innovative locking system for an airtight seal and watertight storage so food stays fresh longer. Together with the hollow-center silicon sealing ring it promotes an airtight seal due to equal pressure to all sides.
Zwilling® - High quality knives
The forged kitchen knives from the world's leading knife manufacturer Zwilling convince both professional and amateur chefs. Zwilling knives are the perfect symbiosis of innovative technology, traditional optics and absolute precision.
Zwilling® - Cookware
It's the proper accessories that turn cooking into a real pleasure. Top quality and well-functioning cookware save time, energy and also delivers better results. The Zwilling cookware stands for outstanding quality and the best possible handling.
Zwilling® - Bar, kitchen gadgets, glasses and scissors
More and more people discover the "sharp" kitchen: cutting, mincing, ladling or stirring with Zwilling - there is always the right tool for each occasion. Have your appetite whetted while preparing a nice meal...
Zwilling® and BSF® Flatware
The decisive factor for a stylish table is the right choice of flatware with well thought-out details. Because top quality flatware stirs up emotions and turns any social event into something special.
Spring household articles
For more than 50 years, Spring has stood for absolute top quality from the kitchen to the table, both in private households and in gastronomy. Spring products are in demand all over the world because of their high reliability.
Filters for tea and coffee
The permanent tea and coffee filters for pots and cups, finished with gold or stainless steel foil, stand for perfect, natural enjoyment, bring the aroma to full development and are also durable and easy to clean.
Kisag household equipment
Household appliances such as burners, rechauds, table stoves and accessories, everything for the raclette, gas lighter or peeler and other household helpers from the traditional Swiss brand Kisag.
Demeyere stainless steel kitchenware
High-quality, durable and innovative stainless steel items. The technical concept of every Demeyere product is tailored to the specific properties of the cooking processes and recipes that are typical for the product.
Ballarini - Pans and kitchenware
The Zwilling brand BALLARINI has stood for quality cookware made in Italy for more than 130 years. Pans and pots from BALLARINI are elegant, stable and easy to clean - perfect for everyday use.
Fresco - professional graters
Thanks to the extra-sharp teeth with a micro-fine cut, the material is not ground or crushed, but rather cut very finely. This technology for grating all kinds of food is part of the basic equipment of top gastronomy.
Consumable material
Important for stable sales and long-term customer loyalty: consumables such as capsules for cream and soda devices, cleaning and care products, lamp oil, gas for burners, Lavazza coffee pads ...
Here summarized for you to order quickly.
Various household articles
As sample: seleXions Barista Caffé glasses made of double-walled borosilicat glass, kettles, vegetable slicers and cabbage planes, mincing-knives...
Staub® - traditional kitchen products from France
The cast iron products made in France, such as cocottes, roasting pans and accessories, have proven themselves for many years in daily use both in top international restaurants and in private households.
Zwilling® and BSF® Flatware
The decisive factor for a stylish table is the right choice of flatware with well thought-out details. Because top quality flatware stirs up emotions and turns any social event into something special.
TOP BOARD - cutting board with coloured inlay, stainless steel or polyethylen
With the TOP BOARDS in 3 various sizes (including GN 1/1) the HACCP regulation is practically implemented. The colored cutting pads can be used on both sides, are easy to change and fixed in the carrier plate.
Tree pits as serving trays
Tree pits with bark for a rustic ambience at the table.
Wooden articles
For more then 25 years we are a manufacturer and supplier of wooden products in the fields toys, gifts, decoration and household as well as special products and advertising articles for wholesaler and retailer from all over the world.
Household articles
Our household assortment contains e.g. SeleXions permanent tea and coffee filters, Lock&Lock containers, cream whippers from iSi Germany, household articles from Spring, Zwilling knives and Demeyere stainless steel pots.
In section gastronomy you will find e.g. Demeyere induction cookware, cast-iron Cocottes, Woks and braisers from Staub, professional gas equipment from Kisag, iSi cream whippers as well as Zwilling knives and cookware.
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