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LocknLock® - Containers "Classic"
LocknLock's BasicLine series offers a wide range of shapes and sizes, each with a securely locking lid for airtight storage. Also, the clear body of the containers makes identifying contents easy, no labels required.
LocknLock® - Stainless Steel
In the boxes of the LocknLock stainless steel series, food is stored completely odorless. The stainless steel does not transfer any taste of its own to the content.
LocknLock® - Bisfree Modular
Bisfree Modular Lock & Lock containers are made from BPA-free, clear Tritan plastic that is heat resistant and durable. Another special feature: due to the coordinated dimensions, the containers can be efficiently stacked.
LocknLock® - Boroseal - 400°C oven safe
LocknLock Boroseal products can withstand temperatures of up to 400°C, which means you can bake or cook in them and keep leftovers in the container, using the lid to store them in your fridge, keeping them fresh longer.
LocknLock® - sets and special offers
Here you can find budget-priced sets, special offers and residual items with special prices from the LocknLock boxes assortment.
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