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Wholesale for wooden articles, household and gastronomy brands

  • Staub kitchen articles from emailled cast iron, as sample cocotte
    Cast-iron cookware from Staub - The in France produced cast-iron enameled products as cocottes, braisers and pans are proven in day-to-day use in the kitchen of prestigious restaurants as well as in households. Each product comes with the guarantee of flawless quality.
  • Zwilling cookware, as sample stock and stew pots made of stainless steelZwilling cookware, as sample grill pan
    Zwilling cookware - It's the proper accessories that turn cooking into a real pleasure. Top quality and well-functioning cookware save time, energy and also delivers better results. The Zwilling cookware stands for outstanding quality and the best possible handling.
  • Products made from swiss pine wood and swiss pine oil
    A part of our assortment of wooden products: The wood of the swiss pine, also called «Queen of the alps», is known for its natural and soothing fragrance - a natural wonder for sustainable products!
  • Wooden toys, for example sky jumpers on a springHousehold articles from olive wood
    Wooden assortment: For more then 25 years we are a manufacturer and supplier of wooden products in the fields toys, gifts, decoration and household as well as special products and advertising articles for wholesaler and retailer from all over the world...
  • SeleXions tea and coffee filtersLocknLock plastic containers Zwilling knives
    Housewares: Our household assortment includes among others SeleXions tea and coffee filters from stainless steel, the functional and versatile LocknLock plastic containers, cream whippers and chargers from iSi Germany as soon as Zwilling knives "Made in Germany" and stainless steel cookware from Demeyere, Zwilling and Spring...
  • iSi professional cream whippersDemeyere stainless steel cookware
    Gastronomy: Here you can find for example premium induction cookware from Demeyere and Zwilling, professional gas devices from Kisag Switzerland and profi cream whippers from iSi, Staub cast-iron cocottes, HACCP suitable cutting boards as well as Zwilling knives and cookware...
Spring offer Just for a limited time you can order selected Spring kitchen products at special prices, such as parts of the proven serie Brigade Premium or various pans. All items with special prices here!
LocknLock Stainless Steel In the boxes of the new LocknLock Stainless Steel series, food is stored completely odorless. The stainless steel does not transfer any taste of its own to the content.
New olive wood items Our popular olive wood range has been supplemented with high quality items, e.g. with different bowls, trays or practical kitchen aids. New items here!
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